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Hey there!

Jon Chorba here…

How many times have you watched a guitar lesson video, or heard a musician talk and they start throwing out terms like

“minor 7 flat five”

or “the sharp 4”

or “this next lick is in the dorian mode”

and you are just left scratching your head saying:


Well, You’re Definitely Not Alone In Feeling Like That.

I know I put off learning music theory for YEARS because everything just seemed so damn confusing.

But you have to understand this…

Music is a language and music theory is like the vocabulary and the grammar that we use to speak that language.

I mean, could you imagine trying to learn a foreign language without learning what nouns and verbs are?

Well, that’s kind of the case when you’re trying to improve your guitar skills without knowing music theory.

Now you be thinking, “Jon, I know of such and such guitar player who plays really really well and HE never learned any music theory, so why should I?”.

Well, yeah, you COULD learn to play guitar pretty well without learning any music theory…

but I’m telling you, from decades of experience in both playing and teaching…

without knowing music theory, you’re never going to realize your full potential…

you’re missing out on learning some REALLY cool stuff…

AND you’re making your musical journey 10x harder than it needs to be…

Because Here’s A Stone Cold Fact:

We live in the greatest period of time in the history of the world and that’s especially true when it comes to learning an instrument.

When I first started learning guitar, there was no internet.

I had to search and search for all of the answers I was looking for and a lot of time the sources weren’t credible.

But now, there are so many unbelievable guitar players and teachers giving away incredible knowledge for FREE on YouTube.

But…all of that juicy, world changing knowledge is going to go to waste for you if…





I Don’t Want You To Miss Out…

…and I definitely don’t want it to take FOREVER for you to play the guitar how you want to…

So just like how the military uses bootcamp to take flabby, out of shape, average citizens…

…and then turn them into honest to god soldiers that are ready to take on anything and everything…

I’m going to take you from knowing absolutely NOTHING about music theory to being totally fluent in the language of music…

…so that you will be able to learn anything that you want to learn on the guitar way more easily.

I’m going to put you through bootcamp.

Music Theory Bootcamp.



Demystifying Music Theory since 2008

I’ve been teaching guitar players and demystifying the “scary” world of Music Theory for the past decade.

Ya know, when I first started playing guitar myself, I was completely self taught. So, I know firsthand how confusing all of this stuff can be.

And over the past 10 years of teaching music theory to my students, I came up with a way to break down and explain all of the terminology and concepts in a way that ANYONE can understand, follow, and remember.

And I will teach it to you in a way that is directly applicable to “real life” guitar playing.

So you’re not just learning stuff for the sake of learning it, but so that you can actually USE it on your guitar!

There Are 2 Main Reasons Why Guitar Players Have Trouble Learning Music Theory

#1) Not Learning Things In The Right Order.

Music Theory is best learned by stacking concepts on top of each other.

You really need to be able to understand A, before you can understand B, and you need to understand B before you can understand C, and so on…

So where I’ve seen a lot of confusion set in, especially with self taught students (myself included) is if you learn a piece of information like, say, the notes of a scale…

but you don’t really know why those specific notes go together…

…and why they sound the way they sound…

…then you’re making it way harder on yourself to learn the really cool advanced stuff.

I mean, you don’t start doing Calculus before you can multiply and divide, right?

So, you’ve got to know the RIGHT ORDER in learning these music theory concepts, because they truly do build off of each other.

#2) Not having an Easily Accessible Way To Continuously Test Your Knowledge.

Learning music theory is different then learning techniques or songs.

Because with learning those things, you can actually test yourself to something.

You get immediate feedback when you play your guitar as to whether something is right or wrong.

Learning music theory though, is a little bit more like old fashioned studying.

Fear not, though…

I’ve fixed both of those problems for you with Music Theory Bootcamp…

here's how it works...

Learn At Your Own Speed

Music Theory Bootcamp is an online course that you can access anywhere with any computer or mobile device.

Learn The Right Things In The Right Order

The course consists of 10 video lessons, with over 10 hours of video content, where I take you step by step through all of the concepts and terminology of music theory and I’ll show you exactly how it all applies to the guitar.


Lifetime Access & Step By Step Instruction

Each video lesson comes with a PDF of every single word of the material covered, along with easy to follow diagrams, and the exact ways to study and practice.


Quizzes To Check Your Progress

And since this is bootcamp, and I’ve got to whip you into shape properly, at the end of each lesson, there are quizzes to see where you stack up with the information before you can move on to the next lesson.


The quizzes are my absolute favorite part about this course because of all the ways that I tried to learn music theory when I first started learning, the only way that made everything click was when I started creating tests for myself.

And with this being an online course, you can take the quizzes anywhere, anytime, and as often as you’d like.

Become Fluent In The Language Of Music

With Music Theory Bootcamp, you will learn everything that you absolutely NEED to know about Music Theory, at your own pace, whenever you want, and from anywhere in the world.

Each lesson could take you a day, a week, a month, or however long it takes YOU to understand the information.

Ask Questions, Get Answers

And, hey, if you get stuck on anything at all, you can ask me as many questions as you would like directly on the lesson pages.

By the end of this course, you will have been broken free of the chains of not being able to speak the language of music and you are going to open up big beautiful doors to your guitar playing.

Also With access to this course, you will also get access to my “Students Only” Private Facebook group where I give more guitar playing tips and tricks, share my knowledge, and you get to chat with other cool like minded guitar players and music lovers.

…and remember..

Everything is backed by a 30-Day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

So you can legit learn as much as you can from Music Theory Bootcamp for 30 days, and then just decide to get your money back because you feel like it.

Now, I know that you won’t do that…but I say that to tell you that there is NO RISK to you.

If you don’t like the course…you can get your money back…guaranteed.

I do not want your money if you are not 1000% satisfied.

End The Confusion

Stop being confused by the terminology.

Stop limiting your potential with playing the guitar

Learn how to be fluent in the language of music.



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